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GE Energy Financial Services
PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS investment focus about us Contact Us HomeInvestment Focus Power Oil & Gas Water Venture Capital Renewable Energy Pipelines & Storage Global Growth Oil & GasSince 1991, GE Energy Financial Services’ Oil & Gas unit has provided $2.8 billion in partnership equity and $500 million in senior secured debt for its independent private and public oil and gas partner-operators. Through partnerships, it owns $1.5 billion in oil and gas reserves, producing more than 90 million cubic feet of natural gas and 21,350 barrels of oil per day. Representative transactions follow.Company NameProductRegionAmountClayton WilliamsLimited PartnershipNorth America$58,000,000F-W Oil ExplorationLimited PartnershipNorth America$70,000,000HM Capital Partners LLCLimited PartnershipNorth America$603,000,000Locin Oil CorporationLimited PartnershipNorth America$147,000,000Sunland CaruthersLimited PartnershipNorth America$101,000,000212 ResourcesDebtNorth America$250,000,000Bays Exploration, Inc. Oil and Gas ReservesLimited PartnershipNorth America$79,000,000Peregrine I Drill ShipDebt and Private EquityLatin America$54 million, plus $259 million in debtUnion Gas Production Partners, L.P.Limited PartnershipNorth America$104,000,000DalboDebtNorth America$277,000,000OKLA Energy PartnersLimited PartnershipNorth America$90,500,000TriTex Energy A, LPLimited PartnershipNorth AmericaUp to $45,000,000Regency Energy Partners LPLimited Partnership Equity and Debt InterestNorth America$126,500,000, plus $45,000,000 in debtATP Oil & Gas CorporationLimited PartnershipNorth America$150,000,000 GE EFS Home | Products %2

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